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    • Hospitality Pays

      Long ago, there lived two pigeons in a deep jungle on a big tree. They were husband and wife. Both loved each other. Every morning, both used to fly in search of food and in the evening they come back to their nest for rest.

      One day she returned little early and started waiting for her husband. Suddenly lightening happen in the sky and rain started. She was worried as his husband never gets this much late in returning. She talked to herself, “Where are you, my dear?”

      Soon she saw bird catcher coming on the way. He had many birds in his cage and one was his husband. On seeing this she started crying and asked herself, “What shall I do now? I wish could do anything to save my husband”.

      She saw that the bird watcher sat under that tree to rest till rain stops. Bird catcher was shivering with cold as his all clothes got drenched. The poor wife came down and sat down on the cage and started crying. Her husband said, “Don’t cry, my dear. This man is sitting under this tree where we have our home, so he is our guest. You need to help him as he is shivering and hungry too.”

      The poor wife gathered dried twigs and leaves and made fire. The bird catcher felt good. She said to the bird watcher, “You are our guest, I made fire for you so that you feel little warm but I don’t have food to offer you. If you wish you can roast me in this fire and eat me”.

      Bird watcher said, “But why are you crying?”

      She replied,” you caught my husband too. I can’t live without him”.

      On seeing her hospitality and love for his husband, the bird watcher released all the bird including her husband and promised not to catch any birds in future. Both husband and wife thanked the bird watcher and lived happily.

      Moral: Hospitality opens doors of opportunity.

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