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    • Forgiveness

      Two best friends were playing on the sea side. Their names were Abhi and Yash. They were making sand castle. While doing so, they quarreled on something. On this Abhi slapped hard on Yash cheek.

      Yash felt very bad and wrote there on sand, “today my friend had hit me”. Then he without telling anything move forward to play in the sea water. He moved little deep in the sea while playing and was not able to manage himself. He slowly started drowning. He shouted for help, “Please help me”.

      On hearing this, Abhi went to save his friend without caring for his own life and succeeded in saving his friend’s life. When Abhi recovered, there he wrote on near stone, “today my best friend saved my life”.

      Abhi asked Yash, “When I hit you, you wrote on sand and when I saved you, you wrote on stone, why?” Yash replied, “When you hit me, I wrote on sand so that it gets washed away with water and same way from my mind. I don’t want to hold any grudge against you. But when you did something good for me, I engrave it on a big stone, so that it can never get erased by water or wind and so from my mind.

      Moral: We should forgive rather than to hold grudge against anyone. Forgiveness is the best revenge.

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