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    • Magic Words

      There was a little boy, named Dev. He loves to listen story before his sleep. His mother everyday used to craft a new story to teach him good manners and right way of living. One day his mother told him a story to teach two magic words. The two magic words were “please” and “thank you”. Please means a polite request and thank you means we appreciate the time and thought a person put in.

      In the story there was a boy who was playing in the park. He saw a big tree in the middle of the park with a sign on it. The sign said, “I am a magic tree. Say the magic words and you will see the magic”. He tried many words khul ja sim sim, abra ka dabra and others, but none of them worked.

      Tired of trying, he cried “Please, dear tree open the door!” Tree becomes happy to hear “please” from the boy’s mouth and suddenly, a big door opened in the trunk of the tree. Then the boy said, “Thank you, dear tree!” Again the tree felt elated to see his mannerism and with this, the inside of the tree lit up brightly and revealed a path way leading to a big pile of toys, ice cream, toffees and chocolates.

      On seeing the tree lit up by saying the word “thank you”, the boy got very happy. The little boy called all his friends to the magic tree, and they had the best party ever.

      Moral: Good manners are important to achieve success.

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