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    • The Pigeons And The Hunter

      There was a flock of pigeons that lived on a big banyan tree. One day they were flying across the sky in search of food. They travelled long distance but could not find food. So, they settled down on a tree to rest. Just below the tree, there were plenty of grains thrown on the ground. All were happy to have found enough food to eat. All the pigeons came down from the tree and to eat the grains. When they began to eat the grains, they got trapped in a net. It was a trap led by a hunter.

      The pigeons were feeling depressed as they knew their end was near. The leader of the pigeons said “Don’t lose your hope. If we make joint effort, we will be able to fly with net. ”All the pigeons tried and tried and finally fly away along the net.

      After flying a long way, they came down on the ground. There was one mouse who was watching the birds struggling to come out of net. Mouse went near and asked them, “What happened to you all?” Leader of the pigeon narrated the whole incident to the mouse. Once the mouse understood the whole incident, he called his folks. All the rats were able to cut the net to set the pigeons free.

      Moral: Unity is strength and we should not lose hope and courage even in extreme difficulty.

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