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    • Chikky and Charlie

      There was a small bird. Her name was Chikky. One day she was looking for food in the jungle. Just then she found some grains lying on the ground. She came down to eat.

      When she was eating, someone said, “What lovely bird you are!” Chikky looked up and she saw a fox.

      Fox said, “Hi I am Smarty. I know one place in the jungle where you can find food of your choice. You can eat as much as you want”. 

      Chikky said, “That’s great, where is that place”.

       “Come with me” said the Smarty, the fox.

      Chikky’s small mouth watered.

      Just then Chicky’s friend, Charlie came there. Charlie was an intelligent monkey.

      “Charlie, meet my new friend, Smarty” said the Chikky happily. But Charlie did not like Chikky’s new friend and he did not shake hands.

      Charlie got rough idea of Smarty’s intention. Charlie knew that Smarty wants to eat Chicky that’s why he is trapping her in his words.

      Charlie pounced upon Smarty and hit him hard. Smarty ran away.

      “Charlie! What are you doing?” Chikky asked.

       “Chikky, how could you be such a fool? Don’t you know he wanted to eat you up for lunch?” said Charlie.

      “How fool I am. He was tricking me. Thanks, my friend Charlie, for saving my life” said Chikky. “That’s ok, my friend smiled Charlie.

      Moral: In times of need it is our friends who help us.

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