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    • Merchant And His Three Sons

      There was a city called Durgapur. A wealthy merchant used to live there with his family. He had three sons, Chander, Bhola and Paresh.

      He had to go for business in other city. Before he left, he called all three sons and gave them each a bag of money. When merchant was away doing business in other city, all his sons were busy with money they got.

      Paresh did not want to do much effort so he kept that money safely in his locker. He thought in case if he loses money, he may be punished, so it is better not to do any business with it.

      Chander bought a piece of land and started farming on it. He did so well that he earned lots of money. He doubled the money he got from his father by putting his hard work.

      Bhola invested that bag of money in carpentry business. Soon, he earned three times of the money he had invested.

      After few months, merchant returned from his business tour. He called all his 3 sons asked each one of them what they did with money.

      Paresh said, “I kept the money in the locker, as I did not want to be punished for losing money in any business”.

      Chander handed over a bag full of money that was double of what he got.

      Bhola was happy to hand over the bag of money as he earned the best return; he tripled the money that he got.

      Merchant was very happy from Chander and Bhola as they used their money wisely and earned good return but was upset from Paresh for his laziness.

      Merchant awarded Chander and Bhola with valuable gifts for using the money wisely.

      Moral: We should use everything we get wisely.

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