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    • Rehan And Ritu

      Rehan and Ritu were brother and sister. Rehan was 10 years old and Ritu was 8 years old. Both were very well mannered kids. They used to help others. Helping others made them happy.

      One Sunday morning when they were walking in the nearby park, they saw a little injured puppy. They picked her up and brought her home. They took care of him. After several days, puppy recovered completely. Both brother and sister were happy to have a pet and puppy was happy to have a nice home and caring friends.

      After few days, on their way back to home from school, they saw a little sparrow at the side of the road. Both of them run towards it and lifted it in their palm. When they saw it closely, they found it injured and was not able to fly. They took pity on it and took it home. After some days its wound healed up and was ready to fly. The moment sparrow spread its wing to fly, it changed into a fairy.

      Rehan and Ritu stepped back as they got scared because suddenly sparrow turned into a beautiful fairy. The fairy said, “Don’t be afraid of me, my friends. I am that sparrow whom you helped. I turned myself into sparrow to enjoy but I had an accident with a stone and injured myself. Then you came to help me and gave me a new life. I thank you for your kind behavior and want to gift you these pencils that will last forever. I want you to keep helping others.”

      Rehan and Ritu thanked her for the gift and promised to help others always.

      Moral: Helping others adds value to our life. So, we should learn to help others in need.

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