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    • The Blue Jackal

      There was a jackal named Vandharava. He lived in a big jungle. One day he was wandering in the jungle in search of food. But he could not find anything. So, he went to a nearby village in search of food. On the way jackal was encircled by group of street dogs. The jackal managed to run from there but the dogs chased him and they tried every possible thing to catch the jackal. The jackal ran in panic and entered a house in the village. It was washer man’s house. He jumped into drum to hid himself. That drum was full of blue dye.

      When the jackal came out he was a blue animal. The dogs thinking him some other creature, dispersed. The frustrated jackal went back to jungle empty handed. When other animals saw him, they ran away quickly because of fear as they never seen such a horrible blue creature in the jungle before. All animal decided to keep distance with him as they were not aware of the blue creature strength.

      When jackal realized that animals are afraid of him, he decided to use this situation in his favor. He called all animals and said,” Don’t run away from me. There is no need to get afraid. I am the creation of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma knows this jungle has no ruler to take care of other animals. He really cares for you all, that’s why he sent me to this jungle to rule.”

      All animals got convinced and encircled him and said,” O our lord, we are here to obey you”. The blue jackal assigned different task to different animals. The blue jackal ordered the lion to chase away all jackals as the blue jackal did not want to get recognized. Lion and tigers everyday hunt and bring it to the blue jackal every day. Blue jackal distributes the food amongst other animal including himself.

      Time passed. One evening blue jackal was addressing his court, suddenly he heard a gang of jackals howling at a distance. Because of natural instinct, he too started howling. When other animals heard this, they quickly realized that they being fooled by the jackal. Jackal was not sent by the God to rule them.

      All animals came to an agreement to punish the blue jackal for fooling them. When jackal tried to escape, the animals caught him and torn him into pieces.

      Moral: One, who treats his own people with contempt, shall surely suffer a bitter end.

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