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    • The Bug And The Poor Flea

      There was flea, named Mandbudhini. She lived in the pleats of white silk spread on king’s huge decorative bed. She was spending her days happily feeding on king’s blood without being noticed. One day, a bug accidently entered the beautifully ornamented bedroom of the king.

      When the flea saw the bug, she alarmed him, “Hello bug, you have come to the wrong place. This is King’s room. Leave this place before somebody notices you.”

      The bug answered,” Dear, this is not the proper way to treat a guest. You should greet your guest with sweet words and offer something to eat. I have tasted most type of blood of animals and human but never got chance to taste the royal blood. I believe it must be very tasty as the king eats healthy and tasty food. I would love to enjoy the king’s blood, if you allow me”

      The flea thought for a while and said, “O bug, you suck the blood horribly. I suck the king’s blood when he is in his deep sleep. You may also taste the royal blood if you promise to hold yourself till the king is asleep. Moreover, first I will feed myself then is your turn.”

      The bug agreed to the flea’s term.

      Soon after, the king arrived in his room to sleep. The bug was getting impatient and decided to sip the blood of the king. As the king was not in deep sleep, so he jumped out of his bed at the bug’s horrible bite. The king called his servants to enquire what was in his bed that caused him discomfort. The servants searched the bed minutely. In meantime the bug cornered himself in the bed. While searching the pleats of the sheet, they found a flea between the pleats. They killed her and the king went to sleep.

      Moral: The false promises of friends as well as strangers have no value. You end up paying for it.

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