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    • The Monkey And The Wedge

      Once upon a time there was a merchant called Dhinu. Dhinu decided to construct a temple in the middle of his garden. For construction he employed many carpenters and masons. All workers took off daily for their lunch and resume their work after the break.

      One day, when they left the place for lunch something strange happened. A troop of monkeys arrived at the construction site of the temple and began playing with the things they found fancy or different. One of the monkeys saw a huge log of wood which was half done. A wedge was fixed in the gap of the log to prevent the wood log from closing up. Out of curiosity that monkey went closer to the log and placed his leg in between the half split log and started pulling the wedge.

      All of sudden, the wedge came out of the log and monkey’s leg got caught in the gap of the log. The monkey died of pain.

      Moral: It is not wise to poke our nose into unknown affairs. One, who does so, surely comes to grief.

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