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    • The Jackal And The Drum

      Once upon time, there lived a jackal called Timoti in a jungle. One day he was very hungry so he started wandering in search of food. While searching for food, he came across a battle field. He said to himself “it seems some battle was fought recently in this deserted battlefield”.

      Suddenly he heard a weird noise coming from a distance. He wondered what could be the cause of that frightening noise. At first he decided to run from there, before the creature that is making these sounds attack and kill him. After a while he thought he should not run away like that. So he moved towards the sound. When he was not very far, he hid himself behind a big stone and watched. He saw a big drum was making this sound as it was brushed by the thin branches of the tree due to strong wind.

      He felt relieved to see that the sound was coming from a drum. He thought there could be food inside the drum so he pierced the drum. He was disappointed to find no food in it. But, he consoled himself saying that he rid himself of the fear of sound.

      Timoti was happy that he gathered courage to explore, who was making that strange sound. So he walked in search of food with pride.

      Moral: Rather than just reacting to the situation, one should try to find the real cause of worry. Secondly, only the brave succeed in life.

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