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    • The Fall And Rise Of A Merchant

      There was a very efficient merchant named Danti, who lived in the city of Vardhaman. King was also aware of his abilities. So, king made him the administrator of the kingdom. With his well-organized and smart way of working, he kept everyone happy.

      Later time came when he held a great reception on his daughter wedding. The merchant invited entire royal family and all respected, rich and influential people of the kingdom. He ensured his guests get best of treatments. He arranged gifts for all guests to show them respect for attending to his invitation. A servant of royal family named Gangua , who was a sweeper , was not invited but he attended the wedding. When Danti, the merchant saw him occupying a seat meant for noble people of the kingdom, the merchant ordered his servants to throw him out.

      The royal servant felt insulted, but being a poor servant he cannot give a suitable reply to such a wealthy person. Because of insulting incident, he could not sleep all night. He thought a plan to take revenge from Danti.

      One morning when the Gangua was sweeping the floor near the king's bed, he found that king was half awake in his bed. So, Gangua intentionally started murmuring, "Good heavens! The merchant has become so carefree now, that he has courage to embrace the queen!” Hearing this, the king jumped out of his bed in anger and asked Gangua, "Is it true? Have you seen yourself?"Gangua fell at once at the king’s feet and said “Oh, your majesty, I don't remember nor do I know what I was saying because I was drowsy having spent the entire night in gambling, but if I said anything improper, please forgive me.”

      The king did not speak anything. The king thought, it can be true! The servant moves around the palace freely, and it is possible that the servant has seen something. Out of jealousy, from the very same day, the king withdrew his favors from the merchant and even prohibited him to enter the palace.

      One day, when the merchant was stopped by the guards. The merchant was surprised due to this sudden change in the king's attitude. Seeing this, Gangua told them, “You fool; you are stopping the great Danti. He is powerful. If you stop him, you will be thrown out just like me.”

      On hearing this, the merchant understood that the servant has caused all this trouble somehow. To win Gangua’s confidence, Danti invited the sweeper for tea and presented him with expensive clothes and gift and told him, “Friend, I did not want to insult you. You had occupied a seat, I had fixed for the royal people. Kindly forgive me.”

      The servant was pleased with all the gifts and respect he got from Danti. Gangua promised him to win the king’s favor for Danti again. Next morning again when the servant was sweeping the floor, he found the king was half awake, so he started his drama of mumbling “Our king is crazy, he eats cucumber in the bathroom!"

      On hearing this, he got up angrily and shouted at the servant, “What nonsense are you talking? Did you ever see me doing such things?” Then the king thought if the sweeper had said about him is not true, so whatever he said about Danti also could not be true.

      Once again the servant fell on his knees and prayed, "“Oh, your majesty, I don't remember nor do I know what I was saying because I was drowsy having spent the entire night in gambling, but if I said anything improper, please forgive me."

      The king also observed that without Danti the affairs of the kingdom were suffering. So, the king called the merchant to his palace and flattered him with gifts, jewels and garments and restored to him all the authority that he enjoyed before.

      Moral: One should treat everyone, even the lowest, with respect.

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