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    • The Camel, The Jackal And The Crow

      Once there was a lion, named Mahadata lived in jungle. A leopard, a jackal, a crow and other animals worked for the lion. One day while wandering in the jungle as usual, lion saw a camel at a distance. This camel was parted from his group and was eating grass alone. Lion has never seen this kind of animal before. He said to his fellow animals,” Let’s go near that animal and find out, where he come from.” The crow said,” I know that animal. That is a camel and lives in villages. Its flesh tastes good. Let’s kill and eat it.”

      But the lion said, “He is not from our jungle, so I will not kill him. Please go and tell him he is safe and bring him to me”. As per the lion instruction, they went near camel and won his confidence. They brought him to the lion. The camel bowed before lion and narrated how he had been parted from his group.

      On hearing his story lion said, “Why do you want to go to the village back? There you will be made to carry heavy loads again. If you stay here, you can feed on green grass of this jungle without any fear”. The camel agreed. Soon, camel became part of lion’s group.

      After few days lion hurt himself in a fight with an elephant. Due to his injuries, he was not able to go for hunting without assistant. Without food for many days, he became weak. Lion said to his fellows, to hunt food for him. The leopard, the jackal, the crow and the camel looked everywhere for an animal but could not find anyone.

      Jackal had a thought and he discussed with crow” Friend, Why are we wandering here and there, when we have camel with us? Let us kill him and eat”. Crow answered,” We cannot kill him as lion assured him protection.” Jackal said,” I will convince the lion”.

      Jackal went to the lion and said,” Oh, our lord, we tried our best to find food but we could not find anything. We cannot see you starving, so I think camel can provide you and us with food for a long time”.

      Lion got highly annoyed and said,” What are you saying? I have given my word. How can I kill him?” Jackal said,” You are absolutely right my lord. But if the camel willingly offers himself to you, then there is no problem in accepting the offer. If he doesn’t, then you are free to kill any of us.”

      Jackal called to the other animals and said,” Our lord is sick and weak. If he dies, there would not be anyone to take care of us. We did not find any animal after wandering throughout the jungle. The only way to show our gratitude to our master would be to offer ourselves to him. This way the rest of us would be saved from dying of hunger too.”

      After hearing jackal’s plea, they all went to meet the lion with tears in their eyes. Lion asked,” What’s the matter?” Crow replied, “Lord, I request you to eat me and satisfy your hunger”. Now jackal stood to show his loyalty towards lion and said,” Dear crow, you are too small to satisfy lord’s hunger. My lord, eat me and satisfy your hunger. I will be obliged”. The leopard spoke in between,” My lord, you eat me. I will be happy to sacrifice myself for my lord”.

      But the lion refused the offer.  One by one every one offered themselves to the lion to impress him. After hearing everyone’s plea camel said to the other animals,” Lord will not eat any of you, as you all are carnivore. Let me request the lion to eat me”. The moment camel offered himself to his lord lion, the jackal and the leopard pounced on him and tore him to pieces and all of them ate it together.

      Moral: Do not be taken in, by sweet words of wicked people.

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