Topic outline

    • Reaching the Age of Adolescence

      Q40. When adolescent girls should take special care of personal hygiene?

      Ans. Girls should take special care of cleanliness during the time of menstrual flow. They should keep track of their menstrual cycle and be prepared for the onset of menstruation.


      Q41. Why drugs should be avoided?

      Ans. Drugs should be avoided because they are addictive. If we take them once, we feel like taking them again and again. They harm the body in the long run. They ruin health and happiness.

      Q42. What is the effect of a larger voice box in grown up boys?

      Ans. The bigger voice box in boys gives deeper voice or low pitched voice to the boys. In adolescent boys, sometimes, the muscles of the growing voice box go out of control and the voice becomes hoarse.


      Q43. What is menarche and menopause?

      Ans. Menstruation occurs once in about 28 to 30 days. The first menstrual flow begins at puberty and is termed menarche. At 45 to 50 years of age, the menstrual cycle stops. Stoppage of menstruation is termed menopause.


      Q44. Why do young people get acne?

      Ans. During puberty the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands (oil glands) increases. Many young people get acne and pimples on the face at this time because of the increased activity of these glands in the skin.


      Q45. What is the term used for secretions of endocrine glands responsible for changes taking place in the body?

      Ans. Hormones are chemical substances. These are secretions from endocrine glands, or endocrine system. They are responsible for changes taking place in the body.

      Q46. Why is good hygiene important during adolescence?
      Why is it necessary for adolescents to take bath regularly?
      What will happen if personal hygiene is not maintained by adolescent?

      Ans. It is necessary for teenagers because the increased activity of sweat glands sometimes makes the body smelly. All parts of the body should be washed and cleaned every day. If cleanliness is not maintained there are chances of catching bacterial infection.


      Q47. Why early marriage and motherhood is harmful to the girls?

      Ans. Early marriage and motherhood cause health problems in the mother and the child. It also curtails employment opportunities for the young woman and may cause mental agony as she is not ready for responsibilities of motherhood.


      Q48. What will happen if the water in which tadpoles are growing does not contain iodine?

      Ans. In a frog, metamorphosis is controlled by thyroxine, the hormone produced by thyroid. Thyroxine production requires the presence of iodine in water. If the water in which the tadpoles are growing does not contain sufficient iodine, the tadpoles cannot become adults.


      Q49. Define adolescence.

      Ans. The period of life, when the body undergoes changes, leading to reproductive maturity, is called adolescence. Adolescence begins around the age of 11 and lasts upto 18 or 19 years of age. In girls, adolescence may begin a year or two earlier than in boys. Also, the period of adolescence varies from person to person.

      Q50. How AIDS spread?
      What are the various ways in which AIDS virus HIV can be transmitted?
      Explain how, the use of drugs helps in spreading AIDS disease.

      Ans. AIDS which is caused by a dangerous virus, HIV. This virus can pass on to a normal person from an infected person by sharing the syringes used for injecting drugs. It can also be transmitted to an infant from the infected mother through her milk. The virus can also be transmitted through sexual contact with a person infected with HIV.


      Q51. On what factors height depends?
      What determines the height of a person?

      Ans. Height of an individual is more or less similar to that of some family member. This is because height depends on the genes inherited from parents. It is, however, very important to eat the right kind of food during these growing years. This helps the bones, muscles and other parts of the body get adequate nourishment for growth.


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