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    • Understanding Advertising

      Q18. Do you think there is a problem in using the image of the mother as the only person who takes care of the child in the Care Soap advertisement?

      Ans. I don’t think there is a problem in using the image of the mother as the only person who takes care of the child in the Care Soap advertisement because mother is undoubtedly more attached to her child and takes care in the best way.


      Q19. Why do you think the manufacturers of the soap gave their products a specific name?

      Ans. There are many soaps in the market today. In bigger towns and cities, we no longer just say soap but rather refer to them using the different names of companies that make them. Given the many soaps in the market, the company will have to give the soap a different and special name. By doing this they create another brand of soap.


      Q20. What do companies do in case there are two brands of similar products?

      Ans. The consumer is confused because he really cannot tell the difference between two similar products. The manufacturer has to give the consumer a reason to prefer a particular brand. Just naming a product does not help sell it. So, advertisers begin claiming certain special values for their brand. In this way, they try to differentiate it from other similar products.

      Q21. What brand values are used by the two daals namely 'Top Taste Daal’ and 'Best Taste Daal'?

      Ans. ‘Top Taste Daal’ is appealing to our social tradition of treating guests extremely well. ‘Best Taste Daal’ is appealing to our concern for our children’s health and that they eat things that are good for them. Values such as treating our guests well and making sure our children get nutritious food are used by brands to create brand values.


      Q22. Why do you think the manufacturers of the daal gave their products a specific name?

      Ans.  Daals or pulses are usually sold loose in the market. We usually know daals by their different types like masoor ki daal, urad ki daal, etc. These names are not brand names. When a company takes masoor ki daal and puts it into a packet, it will need to give the daal a special name. It needs to do this so that we don’t confuse the daal in that particular packet with the daal that is sold loose.


      Q23. “Only large companies can advertise.” Explain.

      Ans. Advertising a product costs a lot of money. Usually, crores of rupees are spent advertising a brand. Producing and showing advertisements in the media is very expensive. A small business will not have the money to show its product on TV or national newspapers and magazines. So, persons who sell papad, pickles, sweets and jams that they have made at home are not considered as fashionable as brand products. They often have to sell their products in weekly markets.

      Q24. What do you understand by the word brand? List two reasons why building brands is central to advertising?

      Ans. The word brand refers to a special identification or name that is associated with a product. Such identification is created through the process of advertising.

      Building brands is central to advertising because of the following reason:

                            i.        This is done in order to differentiate it from other products in the market.

                           ii.        It plays a crucial role in trying to convince the customer to buy the product that is advertised.


      Q25. How Care Soap advertisement uses personal emotion to get people to buy the product?

      Ans. In the Care Soap advertisement personal emotion is being used. As a mother, if we want to show our child we care, then we have to buy this expensive soap. The advertisement uses the mother’s concern for her child. It tells the mother that her love and care is best shown through using this particular brand of soap. Because of this, mothers begin to feel that using this soap is a sign of how much they love their child. In this way, the advertisement uses the love of a mother for her child to sell this expensive soap. Mothers who cannot afford this soap might begin to feel that they are not giving their children the best care.

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