Topic outline

    • Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

      Q109. Explain the status of women in the German society under Nazism.

      Ans. Status of women in the German society under Nazism

      1. Children in Nazi Germany were repeatedly told that women were radically different from men.
      2. While boys were taught to be aggressive, masculine and steel hearted, girls were told that they had to become good mothers and rear pure-blooded Aryan children.
      3. Girls had to maintain the purity of the race, distance themselves from Jews, look after the home, and teach their children Nazi values. 
      4. To encourage women to produce many children, Honour Crosses were awarded. A bronze cross was given for four children, silver for six and gold for eight or more.
      5. All Aryan women who deviated from the prescribed code of conduct were publicly condemned, and severely punished.


      Q110. Explain Hitler's policy towards the Polish under his rule.

      Ans. Hitler's policy towards the Polish 

      1. Occupied Poland was divided up. Much of north-western Poland was annexed to Germany. 
      2. Poles were forced to leave their homes and properties behind to be occupied by ethnic Germans brought in from occupied Europe. 
      3. Poles were then herded like cattle in the other part called the General Government, the destination of all undesirables of the empire. 
      4. Members of the Polish intelligentsia were murdered in large numbers in order to keep the entire people intellectually and spiritually servile. 
      5. Polish children who looked like Aryans were forcibly snatched from their mothers and examined by race experts. If they passed the race tests they were raised in German families and if not, they were deposited in orphanages where most perished.


      Q111. Mention five consequences of Nazism in Germany?

      Ans. Consequences of Nazism in Germany

      1. Under Nazism, Germany became a dictatorial state and democracy was destroyed.
      2. Hitler assigned the responsibility of economic recovery to the economist Hjalmar Schacht who aimed at full production and full employment through a state-funded work-creation programme. This project produced the famous German superhighways and the peoples car, the Volkswagen.
      3. Hitler pulled out of the League of Nations in 1933, reoccupied the Rhineland, and integrated Austria and. He then went on to wrest Germanspeaking Sudentenland from Czechoslovakia, and gobbled up the entire country.
      4. Special surveillance and security forces were created to control and order society in ways that the Nazis wanted.


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