Topic outline

    • Rural Livelihoods

      Q47. Sekar’s sister Mina had also taken a loan from the trader. She does not want to sell her paddy to him but she will pay back her loan. Write an imaginary conversation between Mina and the trader's agent and the arguments given by each person.

      Ans. An imaginary conversation between Mina and the trader's agent are as follows:

      Q48. What are the similarities and differences between Sekar’s and Thulasi’s lives? Your answer could be based on the land that they have, their need to work on the land that belongs to others, or loans that they need and their earnings.

      Ans. Similarities

                                i.        Thulasi and Sekar both work on agricultural land. They work from morning till evening.

                               ii.        Both borrow money from money lenders.


                                 i.        Thulasi do not own any land whereas Sekar own 2 acres of land.

                                ii.        Thulasi works on Ramalingam’s land whereas Sekar works on his own land.

                              iii.        Thulasi borrows money in need from her employer Ramalingam whereas Sekar borrows from traders.

                              iv.        Thulasi earns 40 rupees per day whereas Sekar gets 60 bags of paddy from his field, sells milk to the local milk cooperative and work in Ramalingam’s rice mill.

      Q49. Compare the situation of Sekar and Ramalingam by filling out the following table:



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