Topic outline

    • Urban Administration

      Q1. Fill in the blanks.

                   i.        People who own homes have to pay a property tax.

                  ii.        Municipal Council functions in small towns.

                iii.        In a municipal corporation the elected members are called ward councillors.

                iv.        Commissioner and the administrative staff are appointed by the government.


      Q2. True/False

                 i.        Yasmin Khala worked on accounts in the sanitation department. True

                ii.        Municipal Corporation builds hotels and restaurant. False

              iii.        Property taxes form only 25-30 per cent of the money that a Municipal Corporation earns. True

              iv.        The city of Surat had a plague scare in 2014. False

      Q3. Who broke the street light?

      Ans. Rehana hit the ball so hard and so high that the street light broke.


      Q4. Specify what an urban local body found in a big city is called?

      Ans. Municipal Corporation


      Q5. Who has the responsibility of replacing the street light?

      Ans. Municipal Corporation


      Q6. Who decides where a park or a new hospital should go?

      Ans. Ward Councillors


      Q7. Who are responsible for preparing the budget for a city?

      Ans. Ward Councillors are responsible for preparing the budget for a city.

      Q8. How is a ward councillor elected?

      Ans. The city is divided into different wards and ward councillors get elected.


      Q9. What was the result of plague in Surat?

      Ans. In Surat, several people lost their lives, and over 300,000 deserted the city.

      Q10. What do you understand by term ‘Tax’?

      Ans. A tax is a sum of money that people pay to the government for the services the government provides.


      Q11. What was Gangabai protesting about?

      Ans. Gangabai was protesting because garbage was not been collected in her locality.


      Q12. Why were children worried?

      Ans. Children were worried because they broke the street light and they may have to dish out money again from their pockets.


      Q13. All cities have Municipal Corporation. Comment

      Ans. No, not all the cities have Municipal Corporations; big cities have Municipal Corporation while smaller towns have Municipal Council.


      Q14. What did Gangabai do and why?

      Ans. Gangabai along with other women went to the Ward Councillor to protest against the situation of sanitation in the area.


      Q15. Why children went to Yasmin Khala’s house?

      Ans. Children went to Yasmin Khala’s house because they broke the street light and wanted to know whom did the lights on the streets belong to.


      Q16. Who was Yasmin Khala?

      Ans. Yasmin Khala was friend of Rehana's mother who had just retired from the Municipal Corporation.

      Q17. What did Gangabai say when the Commissioner said that there were not enough trucks in the city?

      Ans. Gangabai smartly replied, "But you seem to have enough trucks to collect garbage from the rich localities".


      Q18. Why do you think Gangabai decided to approach the Ward Councillor?

      Ans. Gangabai decided to approach the Ward Councillor because they are the ones who elected him.


      Q19. What could be the effects of garbage lying all over the streets?

      Ans. Garbage lying all over the streets attracts dogs, rats and flies. Also, people may get ill from the smell.


      Q20. What steps have been taken by Municipal Corporation of Surat for the control of plague?

      Ans. Municipal Corporation completely cleaned up the city. The grand makeover of the city made it one of the cleanest cities in India.


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