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    • Fibre to Fabric

      Q45. Why synthetic fibre is used for making swimwear?

      Ans. Swimsuits are made of synthetic fibre such as Polyester, Nylon etc. These materials absorb less water and therefore dry very quickly. They are flexible and conform to the body.


      Q46. Write the steps of making cotton fabric from fibre.

      Ans. Steps:

            1.   Cotton fibres are removed from cotton bolls.

            2.   Seeds are separated from cotton fibres.

            3.   Thin strands of cotton fibre are drawn from cotton wool and twisted to form a yarn.

            4.   The yarn is then woven to form cotton fabric.

      Q47. Write the burning test for cotton, silk, wool, jute and nylon.






      burning paper



      burning hair

      only shrink


      burning hair

      only shrink


      burning paper



      burning plastic

      melt and shrink


      Q48. Write two advantages of natural fibre and synthetic fibre.

      Ans. Natural Fibre

            1.   Natural fibres absorb more water.

            2.   They are biodegradable.

         Synthetic Fibre

            1.   They are durable.

            2.   They are wrinkle free. They are used to make spacesuits, swimsuits and fire resistant suits.


      Q49. Write two disadvantages of natural fibre and synthetic fibre.

      Ans. Natural Fibre

      1.   Natural fibre are less durable

      2.   Natural fibres are costlier.

         Synthetic Fibre

                1.   They are non-biodegradable.

                2.   They do not absorb sweat.

      Q50. Differentiate between natural fibres and synthetic fibres.


                       Natural Fiber

                  Synthetic Fiber

           1.   The fibers which we get from nature are called natural fiber.

      1. The fibers which are developed by man are called synthetic fiber.

           2.   They are less durable.

      2. They are more durable.

           3.   They are called environment friendly.

      3. They are not environment friendly.

           4.   It is expensive.

      4. It is cheaper.

           5.   The fabric made from natural fiber is comfortable and good for health.

      5. Synthetic fiber is not comfortable and not good for health.

           6.   Examples: wool, cotton and silk

      6. Examples: polyester, nylon and acrylic


      Q51. Why do we wear woolen clothes in winter?

      Ans. Woolen fibers trap the air in between. This air prevents the flow of heat from our body to the cold surroundings. That’s why we wear woolen clothes to keep ourselves warm in winter.

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