Topic outline

    • Kind of sentences

      Sentence can do four kinds of things.

      Declarative sentence or assertive sentence state, assert or declare a fact. These sentences are simple statements and end with a period (full stop).


            1.   The boys were playing in the ground.

            2.   I like ice cream.

            3.   This question is tough.

            4.   Dia lives in Mumbai.


      Imperative sentence gives a command, makes a request or expresses a wish. Imperative sentence ends with a period.


            1.   Go to your class. (Order)

            2.   Please lend me your pencil. (Request)

            3.   Have a safe journey. (Wish)

      Interrogative sentence asks a question. Interrogative sentence ends with a question mark.


            1.   Who has broken this desk?

            2.   Where is Ria?

            3.   Where do you live?


      Exclamatory sentence expresses sudden or strong feelings such as surprise, wonder, pity, sympathy, happiness etc. Exclamatory sentence ends with exclamation mark.


            1.   How beautiful this scenery is!

            2.   That was awesome!

            3.   What a confusion they are creating!


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