Topic outline

    • Percentage

      Very often we come across symbol %. A fraction with denominator 100 is called percentage and is represented by the symbol %. Percent means “per hundred”. 20% means 20 per 100. Percent always compares a quantity to 100 only.

      A percent can be written as a fraction or a decimal.

      Thus, 20 percent or 20% (as percentage)

              Or 20/100 (as fraction)

              Or 0.20 (as decimal)



      To convert a % into fraction, divide the given number by 100 and reduce it to its lowest term.

      To convert a fraction into a percentage (%), multiply the fraction by 100.


      To find the percent of a given number

      To find what percent is one number of another number.


      To calculate a number when its percentage is known

      Example: In an examination, Suresh got 200 questions. If he had attempted 80% of the questions then calculate how many questions did he attempt?


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