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    • Division of Fractional Numbers

      Steps of Division of Fractional Numbers

      Step1: If the fraction is a mixed fraction, convert it to improper fraction.

      Step2: Write the first number as it is.

      Step3: Replace “÷” by “x” sign.

      Step4: Write the reciprocal of the other number.

      Step5: Then simplify.

      Note: Whole number means "number/1", so the reciprocal is "turning the number upside down".


      Division of a fraction by a whole number

      Rule: Fraction ÷ Whole number = Fraction x Reciprocal of whole number.

      Example 1:  


      Example 2:

      First change mixed fraction into improper fraction.


      (Simplify the fraction criss-cross and cross it out with a slash and write the new number next to it)


      Division of whole number by a fractional number

      Rule: Whole Number ÷ Fractional Number = Whole Number x Reciprocal of the Fractional Number.

      Example 1:   


      Example 2:   



      Division of a fractional number

      Rule: First Fractional Number ÷ Second Fractional Number = First Fractional Number x Reciprocal of Second Fractional Number.

      Example 1: 


      Example 2:


      Properties of Division

      1. When a fractional number is divided by 1, the quotient is the fraction itself.



      2. When 0 is divided by a non-zero fractional number, the quotient is 0.


      3. When any non-zero fractional number is divided by itself, the quotient is 1.



      4. The reciprocal of zero does not exist. So we cannot divide any fractional number by zero. 

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