Topic outline

    • Conversion between an Improper Fraction and a Mixed Fraction

      Improper Fractions

      Fraction whose numerator is more than or equal to its denominator is called Improper fraction.



      Here, Numerator > Denominator (Numerator is greater than Denominator)

      Therefore 8/5 is an improper fraction.


      Mixed Fractions

      Fraction made up of a whole number and a proper number is called Mixed fraction.


      Here, 5 is a whole number and ¾ is a proper fraction.

      Changing a Mixed Fraction into Improper Fraction

      Step1: First multiply the whole number with denominator.

      Step2: Then add product of whole number and denominator with numerator

      Step3: Write the resultant number as numerator. Also write the denominator.

      Example: Express as improper fraction.

      Changing an Improper Fraction into Mixed Fraction

      Step1: First divide the numerator by the denominator of the given number.

      Step2: Then write down quotient (whole number) and the remainder we get becomes the numerator of the resultant fraction.

      Step3: Finally write the denominator of given number as denominator of the resultant fraction.

      Example: Express as mixed fraction.


      19 ÷ 4 (Divide the numerator by denominator)

      We get quotient =4, remainder =3

      Note: First write quotient 4 which is a whole number. Then, write remainder 3 as numerator and denominator will remain same.



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