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    • Tricky Math


      Find the successor of 5 digit greatest number?




      a. 100000

      b. 10000

      c. 999999

      d. 1000





      If     represents 10 flowers, which one of the following is the correct pictorial representation for 50 flowers?










      What is the perimeter of the below figure in which all sides are of equal length i.e.15cm.


      a. 70

      b. 30

      c. 80

      d. 90





      Which of the following has 3 equal sides?


      a. Equilateral triangle

      b. Isosceles triangle

      c. Scalene triangle

      d. None of these





      How many times 45 should be added to itself such that their sum becomes 405?


      a. 6

      b. 9

      c. 5

      d. 8

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