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    • Tricky Math


      If 1x means 1 x 1, thus 1x = 1 and if 2x means 2 x 2, thus 2x = 4, then 3x is equal to?




              a.   7

              b.   10

          c.  9

          d.  5


      If is 2 times of x, when y is divided by 12, the quotient is 6 and the remainder is 6. Find the value of x + y?


      a.   110

      b.   117

      c.   97

      d.   107


      The desks in an auditorium are arranged in straight rows. Tom is in 4rth row from the front and fifth row from the back. He is also second from the left end of a row and eighth from the right. How many desks are there in the auditorium?


      a.   72

      b.   82

      c.   70

      d.   42


      Price of 12 English books cost $ 720 and the price of 6 Science books cost $ 480. Tom buys 4 English books and 3 Science books. How much money he has to pay?


              a.   450

               b.   480

              c.   500

               d.   130


      Dia went for shopping with her mother at 12:30pm and returned back after 5 and a half hour later. The time she came back home is ________.


      a.   6pm

      b.  7pm

      c.    5pm

      d.  8pm

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