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    • Logical Reasoning


      If WORD is coded as 8153 and APPLE is coded as 72246, then how would you encode READ?




              a.   5678

              b.   1234

          c.  5673

          d.  4567


      If in a certain code NICE is coded as MHBD, how is GOOD written in that code?


      a.   CNNF

      b.   FNNC

      c.   CNFN

      d.   FCNN


      If in a certain language SUITABLE is coded as USTIBAEL, how is JUMPED written in that language?


      a.   DMPJUE

      b.   EDMPJU

      c.   JUEPMD

      d.   UJPMDE


      If in a certain language DOCTOR is coded as FQEVQT, how is CHEF written in that language?


              a.   EJGH

               b.   JEHG

              c.   HGJE

               d.   HGJE


      Look at the series: 2, a, 3, e, 4, i, 5, ______. What alphabet should come next?


      a.   d

      b.  u

      c.    h

      d.  o


      Look at this series: 1, 22, 3, 44, 5, 66, 7, ___. What number should come next?


      a.   99

      b.   77

      c.   34

      d.   88

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