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      Joining Words (Conjunctions)

      Read the following sentences. 

      1. I like grapes and oranges.

      2. Is the bag black or white?

      3. Ravi is jumping but Rani is skipping.

      4. All like Abhishek because he is obedient.

      The words ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘or’ and ‘because’ used in the above sentences are joining words. They join together words, group of words or sentences. Such joining words are called Conjunctions.


      The word that joins words or two sentences is called conjunction.

      Conjunction is an important part of grammar that helps us form complex sentences with ease.

      Some commonly used conjunctions.


      ‘And’ is a connecting word that tells us more.

      Example: The bird can fly and hop. 



      ‘But’ is a connecting word that makes a contrast between two words or sentences.

      Example: Tia picked up the mango but did not eat it.



      ‘Or’ is a connecting word that suggests that only one possibility can be realized.

      Example: You can have tea or coffee.



      ‘Because’ is a connecting word that connect the result of something with its reason.

      Example: They took him to hospital because he was sick.

      Some more examples:

       1. She is rich but unhappy.

       2. Work hard or you will fail.

       3. He did not study well because he was lazy.

       4. Tia and Mia are going to the market.

       5. Children like to play cricket or football.

       6. We like her because she is very nice.

       7. You can use a pen or a pencil.

       8. Abhishek played the game well and won the trophy.

       9. Would you like tea or coffee?

      10. Tia likes to dance and sing.