Topic outline

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      Read these sentences aloud.


      The box is on the table.



      The cat is under the table.





      Fruits are in the basket.





      The boy is behind the tree.





      The girl is standing next to  the computer table.





      They are standing in front of the blackboard.




      Sheep are jumping over the fence.




      Underlined words here in the above sentences tell us about the position or direction of something. The word that shows the relationship between noun / pronoun and other word in the sentence is called preposition. For example: on, in, in front of etc.

      Points to be remembered:

      “On” is used to state surface of something. Example: The red pen is on the desk.


      “In” is used to indicate within or inside anything. Example: I kept all the toys in the box.


      “Under” is used to indicate something exactly below it. Example: Pen is lying under the bed.


      “Next to” is used to point out position right beside somebody or something. Example: Dia is sitting next to Ria.


      “Behind” is used to point something at or toward the back of something. Example: Who is standing behind Ria?


      “In front of” is used to indicate position just ahead of something or somebody. Example: Box is in front of the table.


      “Over” is used indicate something extending directly upwards from something. Example: Kite is flying over the tree.

      Some more examples:

       1. There is a rabbit in the picture.

       2. The boy is sitting on the chair.

       3. Ria is in the room.

       4. The pencil is in her hand.

       5. Tom is hiding behind the box.

       6. I have no money in my purse.

       7. The cat is sitting on the floor.

       8. We live on the tenth floor.

       9. Set the mats on the table.

      10. An old lady is sitting under the tree.