Topic outline

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      Nouns are the words that names people, place, animal and things.

      Around us we see so many things. Everything that we see has some name. Example: computer, blackboard, chalk, book, teacher etc.

      Let’s understand with the help of examples.

      Dia is travelling to Pune next week.


      Birds are sitting on branch

      Some more examples of nouns:

       1. Jeet is playing with a ball.

       2. Tom is sleeping in his bed.

       3. Little girl is hungry.

       4. Mom is driving to bank in her car.

       5. Grandpa is looking for his stick.

       6. Children are playing with a ball in the park.

       7. Rahul is cleaning his room.

       8. Girl is skipping in the garden.

       9. My sister loves to sing.

      10. I like to eat apple.