Topic outline

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      A sentence is a set of words that expresses a complete thought. It tells us, who or what the sentence is about and what happened. We use sentences to communicate facts, views and ideas.


      Capital Letter and Full stop (.)

      We begin with capital letter and end in a full stop when we talk about facts or opinion in a sentence.


      Full stop is used to mark the end of a sentence.

      For Example:

      The Earth revolves around the Sun. (Fact)

      Eating green vegetables makes our bones strong. (Opinion)


      We write the names of particular persons, objects, events and places in capital letter.

      For Example:

      We are going to Delhi.

      Dia bought a new dress.

      Question marks

      Sentences that ask questions begin with capital letter and end in a question mark.

      For example:

      What is your name?

      Where do you live?


      Examples of Punctuations: 

      1. she goes to school by bus

          She goes to school by bus.

      2. my sister ria is taller than me

          My sister Ria is taller than me.

      3. my friend likes ice cream

          My friend likes ice cream.

      4. i like to play football

          I like to play football.

      5. a boy is playing with bat and ball

          A boy is playing with bat and ball.