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      Interjections are words used to express some sudden feeling or emotion.

      They are included in a sentence usually at the start to express a sentiment such as surprise, disgust, joy, excitement, or enthusiasm. We always put on exclamation mark (!) after an Interjection.


      Below is the list of some interjections with their meaning and uses.

      Wow – expresses surprise or appreciation

      Example: Wow! That’s really great news!

                    Wow! What a beautiful car!

                    Wow! You are looking gorgeous.

      Ouch – expresses pain or displeasure.

      Example: Ouch! It hurts.

                    Ouch! It's very paining.

                    Ouch! That hurts me.


      Oops –expresses a negative reaction to having done something wrong by accident.

      Example: Oops, I knocked your cup over.

                    Oops, I just spilled my glass of milk all over the table.

                    Oops! I did it again!


      Hurrah - expresses sudden joy at a particular outcome.

      Example: Hurrah! We won the game!

                    Hurrah! I cleared the exam.

                    Hurray! We have holiday tomorrow.


      Alas – expresses grief or pity.

      Example: Alas! I failed the test!

                    Alas! The poor cat is badly hurt.

                    Alas! I’m lost in this jungle.

      Oh –expresses surprise or pleading or pain.

      Example: Oh! What a gadget.

                    Oh! She is here.

                    Oh! Please say 'yes'.


      Bravo –expresses admiration.

      Example: Bravo! That was a great goal.

                    Bravo! Well hit.

                    Bravo! You have done a nice work.


      Eek – expresses unpleasant surprise.  

      Example: Eek! Snake moved.

                    Eek! A mouse!


      Hello – expresses greeting or surprise.

      Example: Hello! How are you?

                    Hello! What are you doing here?

                    Hello! My name is Tom.

      Look out - used to warn somebody to be careful, especially when there is danger.

      Example: Look out! There’s a truck coming.

                    Look out! He's got a gun.

                    Look out! Mam is coming back.


      Hush – used to make (someone) be quiet or stop talking.

      Example: Hush! Dad is sleeping.

                    Hush! Don’t make a noise.

                    Hush! The movie is about to start.