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      Use of Was, Were

      ‘Was’ and ‘were’ are past tenses of the verb ‘to be’.

      Generally, ‘was’ is used with singular pronouns, and ‘were’ is used with plural pronouns, but the pronoun ‘you’ is an exception!

      ‘Was’ is usually used with the pronouns ‘I’, ‘she’, ‘he’, and ‘it’.

      ‘Were’ is usually used with pronouns ‘you’, ‘we’, and ‘they’.


      Use of ‘Was’


      1. She was present yesterday.

      2. Ravi was at home.

      3. He was a rich man.

      4. It was very cold yesterday.

      5. Monday was a holiday.

      Use of ‘Were’


      1. You were late last night.

      2. They were playing.

      3. We were late.

      4. There are many trees in the field.

      5. Tina and Mina were ill.