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      The Sentence

      Look at the words given below:

      was    picnic     fun     the

      Do they make sense?

      No, they do not make any sense.

      Now let’s put the above words in their proper order.

      The picnic was fun.

      They now make sense. This is a sentence.


      Points To Be Remembered

      1. A sentence is a group of words, which conveys a complete idea.

      Example: The cup fell and broke. (This sentence makes sense.)

      2. A sentence always begins with a capital letter and often ends with a full stop. It can also end with a question mark or an exclamation mark.

      Example: I play football.

                  What do you play?

                    W hat a cute puppy!

      3. A sentence contains a verb.

      Example: Cows eat grass.

      Some more examples:

      1. A mango has one big seed.

      2. The earth is a planet.

      3. Tia is going to the market.

      4. The rose is red.

      5. Monkeys eat bananas.