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    • Roman Numerals

      Basic symbols in Roman Number System

      Way to Remember

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      Basic Combination


      Rules to be remembered

            1.   A numeral is a symbol used to represent a number. Our digits 0-9 are often called Arabic numerals.

            2.   There is no symbol of zero in Roman Number System.

            3.   We can't use same symbol more than 3 times in a row. When we place same symbols together, we can just add their values.

            4.   If we place one or more smaller symbols values after the large symbols value, we add the smaller number to the larger number.

       5.   If we place smaller symbols values before the large symbol value, we subtract the smaller number from the larger number.


       6.   Only I, X and C are used for addition and subtraction I can be added or subtracted from V and X only.


       7.   X can be added to or subtracted from L and C only

       8.   C can be added to or subtracted from D and M only


      Roman Number Table


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