Topic outline

    • Punctuation

      Capital letters

      We use capital letter in the following case:

      1.   To begin a sentence

      2.   For proper noun

      3.   For pronoun ‘I’


      Common punctuation marks

      Full Stop (.)

           1.   Full stop is used at the end statement or command sentence. 


           This is a red car. (Statement)

           Come here. (Command)

           2.   Full stop is used in end of abbreviations if the first and only a part of the word are used.


           Captain (Capt.)

           3.   Full stop is not used in the abbreviations if the last letter of word is included in the abbreviations.( according to UK convention)


           Doctor (Dr)

      Question Mark (?)

           1.   Question mark is used at the end of direct question.


           Why are you sad? (Direct question)

           2.   Question mark is not used in case of indirect question.


           I asked her why she is sad. (Indirect question)


      Exclamation Mark (!)

      An exclamation mark usually used to shows strong feeling such as surprise, anger or joy.


      Well done!

      Hurray! Tomorrow is holiday.


      Comma (,)

           1.   Comma is used to show a pause in a sentence.


           Therefore, we should speak to teacher on this matter.

           2.   Comma is used to separate words in a list of things.


           I want to order pizza, burger, soft drinks and lollipops.

           3.   Comma is used to show what someone has said.


           “I hope he will be all right soon”, said Ravi

           4.   Comma is used after salutation.


           Dear mam,

      Apostrophe (‘)

           1.   Apostrophe is used to indicate possession of something.


          This is Ravi’s house.

           2.   Apostrophe is used in contraction where letters have been omitted.



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