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    • Shapes and Patterns


      A point denotes to an exact location in space. It is indicated by a dot. It specifies only position and has no length, width, or height. We always name a point by using a capital letter.


      Line Segment

      A line segment is formed when two points are joined. The two given points are called the end points of the line segment. A line segment is a line with two endpoints.



      When we extend line segment through its end points in both direction infinitely (without any end), a line is formed. A line has no ends.

      This is line


      When we extend the line segment in one direction beyond its end point, a ray is formed.


      This is ray



      A line segment has two end points.

      A ray has one end point.

      A line has no end point.



      A curve is a line which not straight and drawn without lifting a pencil/pen. A closed curve is a curve that begins and ends at the same point.



      Solids Shapes (3 D shapes)

      Face The flat side or surface of the solid are known as face or side of the solid

      Edge A line along which two faces or surfaces or sides of solid meets.

      Vertex/ Corner – A point where 3 or more edges meets.




      No. of Corners = 8

      No. of Edges = 12

      No. of Faces = 6



      No. of Corners = 8

      No. of Edges = 12

      No. of Faces = 6



      No. of Corners = 0

      No. of Edges = 0

      No. of Faces = 0



      No. of Corners =0

      No. of Edges = 2

      No. of Faces = 3 (2 flat face top and bottom and 1 curved face)



      No. of Corners = 0

      No. of Edges = 1

      No. of Faces =1



      No. of Corners = 6

      No. of Edges = 9

      No. of Faces = 5



      No. of Corners = 5

      No. of Edges = 8

      No. of Faces = 5



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