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    • Plants

      We see different kinds of plants around us. Each plant differs from other plant in size, shape, color, smell, place of growth etc. Plants grow on land as well as in water. They grow in cold places and hot places too.

      Plants can be classified into these following categories: -



      Trees are big, tall and strong plants. They have a thick, brown and woody stem called trunk. They have many branches that bear leaves, flowers and fruits. Their roots are thick and strong roots. Trees usually live for many years. Examples:-Neem, Pine, Mango, Peepal, Banyan, Coconut etc.



      Shrubs are small to medium-sized woody plants and may grow up to height of five to six metres. They are smaller than Trees. They are highly branched from the base of the stem. They have many thin, brown and woody stems. They are also called bushes .Shrubs usually live for a few years. Examples: - Rose, Hibiscus, Jasmine, Tulsi, Cotton etc.



      Herbs are very small and weak plants. They have thin, green and soft stems. They usually live for three to four months. It can be used as medicines or to add flavor to food. They are mostly known for their smell, which is pleasant and amazing. Banana plant is the world's largest herb. Examples: - Mint, Coriander, Spinach, Rosemary etc.



      Climbers are plants with weak stems. They cannot stand straight and need support to grow. They must climb on other plants, sticks or walls to grow. Example:-Pea, Grapevine, Money Plant, Bean etc.



      Creepers are weak plants that mostly grow along the ground. They have weak stems and thin branches. They usually bear big fruits. Example: - Pumpkin, Gourd, Watermelon, Muskmelon etc.


      Water Plant or Aquatic plant

      Water plants are also called Aquatic Plants. Water plants grow in water. Water plants are found along edges, on the surface, or at the bottom of shallow lakes and ponds. Some of the water plant has floating leaves like Lotus and some are completely submerged under water like Hydrilla. Examples: - Water lily, Water-chestnut, Lotus, Duckweed, Water Hyacinth etc.


      Wild Plant

      Wild plants grow naturally. They are not intentionally planted by human. They can be found anywhere .They do not need human care. Wild plants can be flowers, grasses, shrubs and trees. Example: - Banyan Tree, Grass, Periwinkle Plant etc.



      Weeds are the plants that grow in place where it is not needed. They are considered unwanted plants. They can grow anywhere and can be easily seen in pots, garden, lawns and farms. They grow very vast and compete for water, light, nutrients and space with main plant. Example: - Dandelion, Poison Ivy, Milk Thistle etc.



      Grass is a type of plant which is used to cover the ground, in a lawn. Grass can grow very tall and can reach height up to 100 metres .Bamboo is the tallest grass. Grasses usually have long, narrow leaves and grow along the ground.


      Uses of Plants

      1.We get food from different part of plants.

      Leaves- spinach

      Stem – Potato, Sugarcane

      Roots- Radish, Onion

      Fruits- Apple, Mango

      Seeds- Rice 

      2.Flower of few plants are used to prepare perfumes. Example: - Rose, Jasmine etc. 

      3.Plants help to keep air clean and fresh.

      4.Some plants are used for medicinal purpose. Example: - Tulsi leaves are used for cough and Cold, Turmeric are considered anti-inflammatory, Aloe Vera are good for skin, Amla are good for stomach.

      5.It is used to make paper, furniture, houses etc. 

      6.Fibres such as cotton are used to make clothes, jute are used to make mats and bags, coconut fibre are used to make rope.


      Care of Plants

      1. Plants need water to grow. So water the plant regularly otherwise it will die.

      2. Plants should be placed in such a way that it receives enough sunlight.

      3. Plants leaves should be cleaned regularly so that plant breathes easily.


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