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      Conjunctions (Joining Words)

      Let’s read these sentences.

      1. Sia is short and Dia is short, too.

      2. She is ill but she is cheerful.

      3. Would you like tea or juice?

      4. I like Abhishek because he is a hardworking student.

      Here words (and, but, or and because) are used to join one sentence to another. These words that join different ideas together are termed as conjunction. Therefore, a conjunction is a word that joins nouns or verbs or sentences.

      Commonly used Conjunctions

      AND - used for the words or sentences that are taken jointly. Conjunction ‘And’ shows addition and is used when the statements are similar.

      Example: Ria and Sia are playing in the park.


      BUT - used to show contrast in ideas

      Example: Ravi is dull but Rohit is brilliant.


      OR - used to indicate that only one possibility can be realized between the two

      Example: Ravi or Mohan has done this.


      BECAUSE - used to show reason of an action

      Example: He did not go to school because he was ill.

      Download Free Printable Worksheets on ‘Conjunctions (Joining Words)’