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      The Two Parts of a Sentence: Naming and Telling Part

      A sentence gives us a complete idea or thought.


      Now read the following sentences:

      The boy is playing in the park.

      The sun rises in the east.

      The cat is under the table.

      The milkman brings us milk.


      In the above sentences ‘The boy’, ‘The sun’, ‘The cat’, ‘The milkman’ is called naming part. This part tells who or what the sentence is about. It can name two or more person, place, animal or thing.


      In the above sentences ‘is playing in the park’, ‘rises in the east’, ‘is under the table’, ‘brings us milk’ is called telling part. This part tells what someone or something is or does. It can tell two or more things about telling part.

      A sentence has two parts: naming part and telling part



      1. The girl is laughing.

      Naming Part: The girl

      Telling Part: is laughing


      2. Ria is dancing.

      Naming Part: Ria

      Telling Part: is dancing


      3. The teacher is writing on the board.

      Naming Part: The teacher

      Telling Part: is writing on the board


      4. A bird saw the cat.

      Naming Part: A bird

      Telling Part: saw the cat

      Download Free Printable Worksheets on ‘Naming and Telling Part’