Topic outline

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      Read the following sentences.

      1. The teacher is in the classroom.

      2. Diya is sitting on the chair.

      3. Balloon is under the table.

      4. Rohan is writing with pen.

      The words ‘in’, ‘on’, ‘under’ and ‘with’ show the relationship between noun/pronoun and some other word in a sentence. They tell us about the position of something or someone in relation to another. These words are called prepositions.

      They tell us where the thing is. They tell us about direction, position or time.


      1. The paper is on my desk. (Place)

      2. I like going to Delhi. (Direction)

      3. I have a meeting at 9am. (Time)

      Some more examples:

      1. Do you work on Saturdays?

      2. The store closes at midnight.

      3. His birthday is on 8th January.

      4. She went to the store.

      5. Diya lives in a big house.

      6. She met her in the morning.

      7. He was born in Bihar.

      8. Her doll is under the table.

      9. I live near the school.

      10. His mother is at the door to wake him up.


      Download Free Printable Worksheets on ‘Prepositions’