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      Interjections are words used to express some sudden feeling or emotion. They are usually followed by an exclamation mark (!).


      Examples of Interjections

      Bravo! – expresses sudden admiration


      Bravo! You have done a good job.

      Bravo! The first rank is yours this year.

      Bravo! That was a great goal.

      Alas! - expresses sudden grief


      Alas! He is no more.

      Alas! The city has been ruined!

      Alas! She is dead now.


      Oh! - expresses sudden wonder/pain/disappointment


      Oh! The teacher’s caught him.

      Oh! I forgot your name.

      Oh! I didn’t know that.


      Hurrah! - expresses sudden joy


      Hurrah! We have won the match.

      Hurrah! My brother has come.

      Hurrah! I have passed the entrance exam!

      Hush! – become quiet or still, fall silent


      Hush! Don’t make a noise.

      Hush! The baby may wake up.

      Hush! Someone will hear you.


      Wow! -  expresses admiration/ appreciation


      Wow! You are looking beautiful.

      Wow! What a big car!

      Wow! That’s really great news!


      Ugh! – expresses disgust/dislike


      Ugh! I’m never doing that again!

      Ugh, I can't stand that movie.

      Look! – draw attention to something


      Look! You are so arrogant.

      Look! It is so cute!

      Look! The Principal is coming.


      Oh no! - expresses alarm/concern/anger/disappointment


      Oh no! The house is on fire!

      Oh no! Did I leave my purse in the car?

      Oh no! He is back again.


      Hello! - expresses greeting/surprise


      Hello! How are you today?

      Hello! My car's gone!

      Hello! My name is Jia.

      Ah! – expresses pleasure/surprise/realization/resignation


      Ah! That feels good.

      Ah! I've won!

      Ah! I got new project.


      Download Free Printable Worksheets on ‘Interjections’