Electoral Politics - Questions

Q25. Who was Chaudhary Devi Lal? 


Q26. What is election? 


Q27. What was the result of election in Haryana in 1987?


What was the outcome of election in Haryana in 1987?


Q28. What does turnout figure indicate?


Q29. What is the time period of campaigning for election?


What is the duration of election campaign in India?


What is the total time period for an election campaign in India?


Q30. Who used the slogan ‘Protect the Self-Respect of the Telugus’ in Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections in 1983?


Q31. How is people's participation in election measured?


Q32. How do the candidates attract the public during election?


Q33. How are constituencies divided at the local level?


Q34. What is Election Photo Identity Card?


Q35. Anyone who can be a voter can also become a candidate in elections, but there is one difference. Comment


Q36. Chinappa was convicted for torturing his wife for dowry. Satbir was held guilty of practicing untouchability. The court did not allow either of them to contest elections. Does this decision go against the principles of democratic elections?


Q37. Elections are thus all about political competition. Give reasons.


Q38. List all the different election related activities mentioned in the chapter and arrange them in a time sequence, beginning with the first activity and ending with the last. Some of these activities are given below: releasing election manifestos; counting of votes; making of voters’ list; election campaign; declaration of election results; casting of votes; ordering of re-poll; announcing election schedule; filing nomination.


Q39. What was the promise made by Chaudhary Devi Lal to the people of Haryana?


Q40. What is 'booth capturing'?


Q41. How do general elections differ from by elections?


Differentiate between general elections and by elections.


Q42. Why do most democracies have a representative government?


In a democracy the majority of people rule through their elected representatives. Give reasons.


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