Number (Singular and Plural) - Practice Page 2

 Number – Singular and Plural

 Fill in the blanks with words given in the brackets:

  • There are hundred __________ in our society. (home/homes)
  • We shared the ___________ with our friends. (mango/mangoes)
  • I will buy one new _________ today. (dress/dresses)
  • I have many flowering __________ in my backyard. (plant/plants)
  • The _________ jumped across the fence. (horse/horses)
  • Those __________work hard. (boy/boys)
  • The __________goes to her work. (woman/women)
  • The ________lives in its nest. (bird/birds)
  • Our ________wins almost every time. (team/teams)
  • These ____________are sweet. (mango/mangoes)
  • The ___________fight and win. (soldier/soldiers)
  • The __________were happy in their adventure camp.(child/children)
  • I brought one __________for the fruit break.(apple/apples)

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