My Australian Sojourn - Questions

My Australian Sojourn (Anwesha Sarkar)

About the passage

A.  Read to understand

1.   Write the phrases from the help box against the sub-topics to add details of information about Australia.



Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Opera House

meat eaters

cooked on barbeque

Sunshine Coast Beach


wombats and emu



dairy farming and livestock

love water sports and the outdoors

more than 600 species of plants, trees, and wildlife

dairy products

Gold Coast Beach







Sightseeing in and around Brisbane

Australia’s symbols



























      2.   Complete this table with phrases from the passage that describe the unique features of these places visited by the author in Sydney.

Sydney Aquarium


the dugong which is close to extinction

Botany Bay

where Captain Cook’s ship The Endeavour docked in 1770


Sydney Harbour Bridge


huge, with four lanes for cars, two for trains and one for pedestrians

Sydney Opera House

a magnificent piece of architecture



      3.   Answer these questions.

a.   Why did the author and her parents have to go to Australia?


b.   What do you learn from the passage about koalas?


c.   On which two points does the author clearly show how India is different from Australia?



B.  Read to infer

1. What did the author and her family make sure to do during holidays and weekends? Why do you think it was necessary in their circumstances?


2. Why does the author say, ’The Australians, too, have a national holiday on the 26th of January’? What is the significance of this day in the Australian calendar?


          3.   Why do you think the author and her family opted for the city tour in a bus?


          4.   The author states that the Australians ‘love water sports’. Where else in the passage is this characteristic hinted at?



C.  Discuss

     1.   What are the advantages of studying with children belonging to other states and countries? Discuss with your classmates.


     2.   The passage describes the beauty and variety of Australia. Work in pairs and draw up a list of some of the things that reflect the beauty and variety of India. Compare notes in class.


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