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purnima verma <vermapurnXXX@yahoo.co.XX>Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 5:10 PM
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Dear Sir/Mam,
I am now 33 yrs old and after 2nd class due to poor teaching/ or not able to understand the concepts told by my teacher (when i was young
) kept on running from maths. At 10th i scored 33 percent in maths :) and there after never looked after maths. But as it may seems, the more you run the more it will chase you, and again in my work profile, mathematical issues arised , till now i was just managing it with the help of my friends, asking them to solve the problem for that moment, but it was again not solving the issue, and also not clearing the concepts, while surfing the net i came across your site and I have taken up the lessons on maths at EWF.com and found it very informative and easy to learn, all the concepts were explained step wise , i request you to cover the mathematics lessons as per NCERT/CBSE syllabus, and also provide lessons for further classes.



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Just Before Recess answers
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JAMES VAN PELT <vvXXX@aoX.com>Tue, Dec 26, 2017 at 8:04 AM
To: educationwithfun83@gmail.com
Dear educators,

I was flattered to see my short story, "Just Before Recess," turned into a lesson for 6th graders.  It's humbling to think that somewhere out in the world, a student might find a story of mine funny or interesting, and that a teacher might see it as an opportunity to teach literature.

I had a suggestion about the answer to the last question, which was, Why do you think the sun in Parker’s desk chose to swallow Mr Earl and not Parker?

The answer you provided was, Parker was feeding the sun and treating him like his friend so, the sun in Parker’s desk chose Mr Earl to swallow. (Answer will vary)

That's an interesting possibility.  The one that I intended was that the story spends a fair amount of time establishing that the sun in the desk has all the qualities of a sun, including a gravity field.  Parker was careful not to get too close to the sun.  Mr. Earl rushed in, not knowing of the danger.  The sun in Parker's desk doesn't have a personality or wishes in my mind.  It's just an interesting force of nature.

I know that the author's intent doesn't matter.  I certainly wouldn't tell a student he was wrong if he interpreted the story differently.  After all, there is evidence that Parker treated the sun kindly.  Mr. Earl was clearly a jerk.

When I'm not teaching high school English, I'm a writer.  For my last collection, THE EXPERIENCE ARCADE AND OTHER STORIES, I created curriculum for teachers to use the stories in their classes.  You can see my efforts at http://jamesvanpelt.com/the-experience-arcade-a-teachers-guide/


James Van Pelt
Science Fiction and Fantasy Author
Read his latest novel, Pandora's Gun, or find out more at jamesvanpelt.com

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