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    • Plants

      Tags: CBSE-Class 1-Chapter-Plants, Lesson - Plants our green friends for class I, Plant world for grade 1, Parts of plants for first grade, Roots, Stem, Leaf, Flowers, Fruit, Seeds, Plant’s need, Sunlight, Water, Temperature, Space, Air, Soil, Plants worksheet Ist grade, Quiz on plants. What a plant requires to grow? Write function of different parts of plants. Why plant cannot grow in dark place? Define photosynthesis. What is chlorophyll? Which part of the plant absorbs water and nutrients for the plants? Which part of the plant carries water and minerals from the roots to the leaves and takes the food back down the plant? Which part of the plant carries seeds? Which part of the plant prepares food? Which gas do plants gives out in the air? What is needed for photosynthesis?

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