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  • English For Grade 5

    • The Sentence

      Tags : Sentence for class V, What is a sentence for class 5 , Free Worksheet PDF on Sentence, Lesson on Sentence, Sentence Worksheets PDF for fifth grade, Complete sentence, Incomplete sentence, Sentence examples and exercises 5th grade, Phrases, Practice page, Quiz on Sentence, Define Sentence, Rules for sentence.

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    • Kinds of Sentences / Types of Sentences

      Tags: Four Sentence Types examples for fifth grade, Free Worksheet PDF on Kinds of Sentence, Lesson on Kinds of Sentence, Declarative Sentences, Imperative Sentences exercises, Exclamatory Sentences. Interrogative Sentences,  4 sentences type, kinds of sentences for grade 5, Types of sentences for class V, What are the 4 type of sentences? What is declarative sentence? What is Imperative Sentence? Assertive sentence, What are the different kinds of sentences? Kind of sentence worksheets PDF for 5th grade, Practice Page

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    • Active and Passive Voice

      Tags: Active / Passive Verb Forms Exercise for class 5, Free Practice Worksheet PDF on Active and Passive Voice, Lesson on Active and Passive Voice, Examples of Active and Passive Voice for grade 5, Passive voice to active voice worksheet PDF for fifth grade, What is the passive? What is an active verb? What is the difference between an active and a passive voice?  for 5th grade, Active and passive voice rules 

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    • Adjective - Degree of Comparison

      Tags: Examples On Adjective - Degrees of Comparison for Grade 5, Free Worksheet PDF on Degree of comparison, Lesson on Degree of comparison, Change the Degrees of Comparison practice page for Grade V, Examples of Positive, Comparative and Superlative Degrees of Comparison for class 5, Degree of comparison list for fifth Grade, 3 degrees of comparison exercise, Degree of comparison sentences worksheet PDF for class V, What are comparisons in English? What is the meaning of superlative degree? What is the meaning of comparative degree? Rules of Formation of Comparative and Superlative

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    • Kinds of Verb / Transitive and Intransitive Verb

      Tags: Transitive and Intransitive Verbs Worksheets PDF for Grade 5, Free Worksheet PDF on Transitive and Intransitive Verb, Lesson on Transitive and Intransitive Verb, Kinds of Verbs practice page for Grade V, Kinds of verb Exercises for Class V, Transitive and Intransitive Verbs examples for fifth Grade, Action verb Worksheets PDF for class 5, Underline the Transitive Verb in the sentences.

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    • Singular and Plural Noun / Number

      Tags: Nouns - Singular and Plural Nouns Worksheets PDF for Grade 5, Definitions, Free Worksheet PDF on Singular and Plural, Lesson on Numbers- Singular and Plural, Rules & Examples of Singular and Plural for Grade V, List of Singular and Plural for class 5, Practice page on Singular and Plural for class V, Change/Convert Singular to Plural Noun for fifth Grade.

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    • Noun-Gender (Masculine, Feminine, Common, Neuter Gender)

      Tags: Noun - Gender Exercises for Class V, Masculine gender , Feminine, Common, Neuter Gender Examples,Free Worksheet PDF on Noun - Gender for grade 5, Lesson on Gender for class 5, List of gender for Grade V, Gender worksheets PDF for Class 5, Gender nouns for fifth Grade, Gender nouns practice page for Grade 5, Revision worksheet, Change the gender, Change the masculine into feminine gender, What is the gender of nouns? What is the masculine gender? What is the masculine form of mare? What is the gender of a tree? 

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    • Kinds of Adverbs / Types of Adverbs

      Tags: Kinds of adverbs and examples for Grade V, Free Worksheet PDF on Kinds of Adverbs for grade 5, Lesson on Kinds of Adverbs for class V, Kinds of Adverbs Exercises for Grade 5, Types of Adverbs worksheet PDF for fifth Grade, Different kinds of Adverbs, What is an adverb in a sentence? What is an adverb of place? What is an adverb of manner? What are the Kinds of Adverbs? Types of Adverbs for Class 5, Adverb of Time, Adverb of Degree, Adverb of Quantity, Adverb of Frequency, An Interrogative Adverb, Define Adverb, What is an Adverb?

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    • Kinds Of Pronoun –Personal Pronoun

      Tags: What is personal pronoun? List of personal pronoun for Grade 5, Free Worksheet PDF on Personal Pronouns, Lesson on Personal Pronouns, Subject pronoun for Class 5, Object pronouns for fifth Grade, Personal pronoun worksheet PDF, Definition of Personal Pronoun, Possessive pronoun exercises, Rules of personal pronoun, Types of pronoun practice page

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    • Kinds Of Pronoun –Interrogative Pronoun

      Tags: What are Interrogative Pronouns? Interrogative Pronouns Examples for class 5 & Interrogative Pronouns Exercises and Practice Page for Grade 5, Interrogative Pronouns Definition, Free Worksheet PDF on Interrogative Pronoun, Lesson on Interrogative Pronoun - Rules & Usage for Class V, Interrogative Pronouns Worksheet PDF, List of Interrogative Pronouns, List of Interrogative Pronouns

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    • Direct and Indirect Speech / Direct to Indirect Speech: General Rules

      Tags: Grammar Lesson on Reported Speech for Grade 5, Direct Speech - Quoted speech and Indirect Speech for Class 5, What is a direct and indirect speech? What is a reported speech? What is meant by direct speech? Direct and Indirect Narration for 5th Grade, Direct and Indirect Speech exercises for fifth class, direct and indirect speech definition, Direct and indirect speech worksheets PDF, Indirect speech examples, Change Direct Speech into Indirect Speech practice page, Exercise on Reported Speech, direct and indirect speech rules.

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    • The Conjunction

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Conjunction, Lesson on The Conjunction for class V, and, but, or, so, else, otherwise, unless, still, because, therefore, although, as , Conjunction example, Conjunction list for 5th Grade, Conjunction words, Conjunction practice page for fifth class, Conjunction worksheets PDF for class 5, Quiz on conjunction

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    • Strong Verbs

      Tags: What Are Strong Verbs? Definition of Strong Verbs for Grade 5,  Examples of Strong Verbs for fifth Grade, Lesson on Strong Verbs for Class 5, List of Strong Verbs for 5th Class, Worksheet PDF On Strong Verbs, Practice Page on Strong Verbs

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    • Weak Verbs

      Tags: What Are Weak Verbs? Definition of Weak Verbs for Grade 5,  Examples of Weak Verbs for fifth Grade, Lesson on Weak Verbs for Class 5, List of Weak Verbs for 5th Class, Worksheet PDF On Weak Verbs, Practice Page on Weak Verbs

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    • Direct and Indirect Objects

      Tags: Difference between Direct & Indirect Objects for Grade 5, what is a direct and indirect object? What is an object in grammar? Identifying Direct Object and Indirect Object for Class V, Direct and Indirect Object examples sentences for fifth class, Direct & Indirect Objects free Worksheet PDF for 5th Grade, Lesson and Practice page on Direct & Indirect Objects

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    • Possessive Noun

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Noun - Possessive case, Lesson on Possessive Noun, Nouns - possessive case exercises, examples, practice page for class V, Rules for possessive noun for Grade 5, Possessive noun worksheet PDF, Quiz on possessive noun, Apostrophe use, Forming the possessive, Possessive form of noun, What is the possessive case, What are possessive noun, Using Possessive Nouns for 5th Class, Singular and Plural possessive nouns for fifth Grade

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