Topic outline

  • English for Grade 1

    • Articles

      Tags: Indefinite articles –“a” and “an” for class I, Article worksheet PDF for grade 1, Quiz on articles, Where do we use articles for first grade, How to teach articles to students of grade first. Add ‘a’ or ‘an’ before the words. Complete the sentence with ‘a’ or ‘an’ for Ist standard

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    • Punctuation

      Tags: Punctuation practice page for class I, Capital letter, Full stop(.), Period, Question mark (?), Punctuation worksheets PDF for grade 1, Quiz on punctuation for first grade, Put the correct punctuation mark for Ist grade. Punctuate the sentences using capital letters, full stop and question mark. Frame question with each of the word.

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    • Pronoun

      Tags: Pronoun for class I, Pronoun worksheets for grade 1, Quiz on pronoun for first grade, Pronoun - He / She for Ist grade. Add a correct pronoun to each of the sentences for Ist standard. Underline the pronouns in the sentences.

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    • One and Many

      Tags: One and many for class I, Singular and plural for grade I, Rules to change from singular to plural for first grade , Examples, One and many worksheets fir Ist grade, Quiz on one and many. Change singular noun into plural noun, Fill in the blanks with correct form of noun.

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    • Noun

      Tags: Noun for class I, Noun worksheets for grade 1, Quiz on noun for first grade, Practice Page on Noun for Ist grade. Sort these nouns into the correct columns for Ist standard. Add a noun to each of the sentences. Identify the noun in the word bank and circle it. Read each word and color the box with crayon if it is a noun.

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    • Preposition

      Tags: Prepositions for grade 1, on, under, in, behind, next to, in front of, over, examples for Ist grade, Preposition worksheets for class 1, Quiz on preposition for first grade. Fill in the blanks with in, under, in front of, over, on, next to, behind for Ist standard

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