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  • EVS - Environmental Science for Grade 4

    • Internal Organs

      Tags: Internal organs for class IV, Free Worksheet PDF on Internal Organs, Lesson on Internal Organs, Inside our body for class 3, Function of brain, Function of stomach, Inside my body for grade IV, About brain, Function of Liver, Stomach, Function of Heart, Function of Lungs, Function of Kidneys, Function of Small intestine, Function of Large intestine, Internal organs worksheets PDF for class 4, Practice page on internal organs for grade 4, Quiz on internal organs for fourth grade, Name some internal organs. Explain veins and arteries. What do you mean by inhalation and exhalation? Write functions of the following internal organs – stomach, liver, brain and lungs

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    • Plant Life

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Plant Life, Lesson on Plant life for class IV, Types of roots for class 4, Function of root for grade IV, Function of stem, Function of leaves, Function of leaf, Parts of plants, Root system, Shoot system, Plant life worksheets PDF for grade 4, Uses of flower, Practice page on plant life for fourth grade, Quiz on plant life, Name two types of roots. Explain tap root and fibrous root. Write 2 uses of flower. What does green leaves uses in the process of photosynthesis? Write 2 functions of the following parts of the plant – stem, root and leaves

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    • Food We Eat

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Food We Eat, Lesson on Food we eat for class 4, Food for good health for class IV, Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Fats, Minerals, Water, Importance of roughage for grade IV, Cooked food, Raw food, Food preservation, Method of preservation, Why we cook food, Salting, Boiling, Refrigeration, Dehydration, Sweetening, Sprouting, Fermentation, How to stay healthy, Ways to stay healthy, Food we eat free worksheets PDF and practice page for grade 4, Quiz on food we eat for fourth grade, Name two energy giving food. Why food is important for us? Why should we avoid eating from roadside vendors? What is importance of roughage in our diet? Write about any 2 method of preserving food. Write 2 ways to keep yourself healthy.

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    • Our Surroundings

      Tags - Free Worksheet PDF on Our Environment, Lesson on Our environment for class IV, Practice page, Caring for our environment for class 4, Clean environment, Disposal of waste, What are Biodegradable Wastes, Non Biodegradable Wastes, Biodegradable material, The three R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Benefit of recycling, Importance / Advantage of recycling for grade IV, Hygiene, Sanitation, Steps to keep our environment clean for fourth grade. Our environment worksheet PDF for grade 4,

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    • Animal Life – Reproduction in Animals

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Reproduction in Animals, Lesson on Animals: Increasing The Numbers for class IV, Why do animal have babies similar to them? How do animal reproduce for class 4, Laying eggs, Giving birth to young ones, Animal that lay eggs, Parts of an egg for grade IV, Albumin, Shell, Yolk, Caterpillar, Practice Page on Animal life for grade 4, Maggot, Life Cycle of Butterfly, Life Cycle of Frog, Pupa, Reptiles, Tadpole, Mammals, Animal Life practice page, Reproduction in Animal Worksheet PDF for fourth grade, What are different parts of egg? Why do animals reproduce? List two ways of reproduction among animals. Explain the following term – Moulting, Reproduction, Metamorphosis

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    • An Ideal House

      Tags : Free Worksheet PDF on An Ideal House, Lesson on An ideal house for class IV, Features of an ideal house, for grade IV Characteristic of ideal house for class 4, Ventilation, Sanitation, Sunlight, An ideal house worksheet PDF for grade 4, Practice page on ideal house  for fourth grade

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    • Types of houses

      Tags : Free Worksheet PDF on Types of houses, Lesson on Types of house for class IV, Houses in different region for class 4, Houses in cold region, Igloos, Wooden House, Houses hot and dry region, Mud and clay house, Brick House, Houses in hot and wet region, Huts, Stilt House, Temporary house, Tents, Tipi, Tepee, Teepee, Caravan, House boat, Types of houses worksheet PDF for grade IV, Practice page on types house for grade 4, We need a house, Our home, House we live in for fourth grade. Why caravan is called the house on wheel? Why people build house on stilt in some region?

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    • Our Earth

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Our Earth, Lesson on Our Earth for class IV, About earth for grade 4, Solar system, Eight planets for class 4, Is earth really round, How earth look like, Rotation of the earth, Axis or imaginary line of the earth, Why do we have day and night, What causes day night for grade IV, Activity to explain day and night, How we can say that earth turns like a top, How we can prove that earth is rotating or continuously changing its position, Orbit of the earth, Revolution of earth, What causes seasons, Our earth worksheet PDF for fourth grade

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