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  • English for Grade 4

    • The Sentence

      Tags : Free Worksheet PDF on Sentence, Lesson on Sentence for class IV, What is sentence for class 4 , Sentence Worksheets PDF for grade 4, Complete sentence 4rth grade, Incomplete sentence, Sentence examples and exercises, Practice page, Quiz on Sentence for fourth grade. Unscramble the sentences for IV standard, Rewrite the sentence in correct order, putting in the capital letters and full stop.

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    • Subject and Predicate

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Subject and predicate, Lesson on Subject and predicate, Subject and predicate exercises and practice page for class IV, What is subject and predicate for class 4, Subject and predicate worksheets PDF for grade 4, Examples and Quiz on subject and predicate for fourth standard, Simple subject and predicate for fourth grade, Sentence completion worksheet for 4rth grade. Circle the subject and underline the predicate in each sentence, Add a predicate to the subjects

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    • The Adjective – Kinds of Adjectives

      Tags : Free Worksheet PDF on kinds of Adjectives for fourth grade, Lesson on The Adjectives for class IV, Kinds of Adjectives for class 4, Types of adjectives for fourth standard, Adjective of Quality for 4rth standard, Adjective of Quantity, Adjective of Numbers for 4rth class , Demonstrative Adjective, Interrogative Adjective, Adjective Worksheet PDF, Quiz on Adjective, Adjectives exercises, Examples and Practice page, Underline the Adjective, Fill in the blanks with Adjectives in the sentences, An Adjective is a word that describes a noun or a pronoun. What is an adjective?, What is adjective of quality?

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    • Nouns – Possessive Case

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Noun - Possessive case, Lesson on Possessive Noun, Nouns - possessive case exercises, examples, practice page for class IV, Rules for possessive noun for class 4, Possessive noun worksheet PDF, Quiz on possessive noun, Apostrophe use, Forming the possessive, Possessive form of noun, What is the possessive case, What are possessive noun, You Tube Video on Possessive Noun, Write the possessive form,

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    • The Conjunction

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Conjunction for fourth standard, Lesson on The Conjunction for class IV, and, but, or, so, because, if, therefore, until, til, unless, although, when, as well as, Conjunction example, Conjunction list for 4rth class, Conjunction words, Conjunction practice page, Conjunction worksheets PDF for class 4, Quiz on conjunction, Fill in the blanks in the sentences using conjunction: and, or, although, but, until, when and because

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    • Preposition

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Preposition for 4rth grade, Lesson on Preposition for class IV, Preposition rules for class 4, on, at, in, to, for, since, of with, over, by, into, between, among, beside, besides, below, under, against, across, above, behind, next to, through, from, in front of, upon, Common prepositions, Prepositions worksheet PDF, Quiz on preposition, Preposition examples for IV standard, Preposition Exercises and practice page. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions: on, at, in, to, for, since, until, of, over

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    • Subject Verb Agreement

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Subject Verb Agreement for 4rth standard, Lesson on Subject verb agreement rules for class IV, Examples, Subject verb agreement worksheet PDF for grade 4, Exercises, Quiz, either/or, or, neither/nor, not only, but also, and, collective noun, trousers, scissors, anyone, everyone, no one, nobody, everybody, anybody, everybody, someone, somebody, few, both, many, several. some, who, whom, which, that, as well as, with. Underline the suitable verb for each subject for fourth class, Fill in the blanks with suitable form of verb in the sentences

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    • Gender

      Tags: Free Worksheet PDF on Gender for 4rth standard, Lesson on Gender for class IV, Examples, Gender worksheet PDF for grade 4, Exercises on Gender, Rewrite the following sentences, using Nouns and Pronouns of the opposite Gender: Give the Feminine of, Give the Masculine of, Masculine and Feminine for class 4

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